Brain Injury


There are a number of ways that someone can suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI), including medical malpractice, an automobile, motorcycle or trucking accident, or construction accident. No matter how the permanent injury happened, the diagnosis is scary and unsettling for the victim’s entire family.

Traumatic Brain Injuries
Learn More About Traumatic Brain Injuries at the Buchanan & Buchanan Law Firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

What does the future hold? Will your loved one ever be able to function and live independently again? If not, how will the family pay for the round-the-clock medical care that will be needed to maintain any sort of quality life?

These are just some of the questions that our clients with family members who have suffered brain injuries have asked us. And each time a meritorious claim existed, we have successfully helped them. Here’s how we work toward successful outcomes in Michigan brain injury cases.

Our Unique Medical Advantage: A Medical Doctor and Registered Nurse on Staff

With 100 billion nerve cells, the complexity and importance of our brain is mind boggling. For that reason, claims involving brain injuries or severe head injuries require the utmost in attorney skill and experience. At Buchanan & Buchanan, we have a well-earned reputation for successfully handling the most complex personal injury cases, including brain injury cases. In fact, we teach a medical malpractice course in law school. But that’s just half of the equation.

Brain injury cases require medical expertise, too. They demand the guidance, from beginning to end, of skilled and experienced medical personnel. Fortunately, one secret to our success is that we have a medical doctor (Raymond E. Beckering, Jr., MD, University of Michigan Medical School educated and Mayo Clinic trained) and full-time registered nurse (Helen J. Hicks MSN, a former client with over 25 years of clinical nursing experience) on our professional staff.

With Dr. Beckering and Helen’s exceptional skills and assistance, we understand the complex medical issues involved in traumatic brain injury claims because we speak the right language: medicine.

Appropriate brain injury cases are initially reviewed internally by Dr. Beckering and Helen at no cost to you. If we take your brain injury claim, Dr. Beckering and Helen will continue to oversee the medical issues in your loved one’s case all the way through settlement or trial.

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