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Links & Resources

Following are links that may be helpful to you in your quest for patient rights, for yourself, your family and your country.

  • Your elected officials
  • Federal & State health agencies
  • State hospital organizations
  • State insurance commissions
  • Medical conditions
  • Medical Boards/Associations, State and Federal
  • Primerus Law Firms (i.e., exceptional law firms) in Your State

Your elected officials

Your U.S. Senator

Your Representative in the U.S. Congress

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Federal & State health agencies

  • For information on Medicare and Medicaid, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services maintains a web site at www.healthfinder.gov
  • The Health Care Financing Administration also offers Medicare and Medicaid information at www.hcfa.gov
  • For information on specific health conditions, including research and accepted treatment, visit the National Institutes of Health at www.nih.gov
  • For information on health problems related to aging, visit the Agency on Aging at www.aoa.dhhs.gov
  • The Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, www.ahcpr.gov, offers a national overview of the health care situation, including sections on Consumer Health and Child Health.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services also maintains a web site at www.hhs.gov

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State hospital organizations

  • Alabama Hospital Association
  • Alaska State Hospital & Nursing Home Association
  • Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association
  • Arkansas Hospital Association
  • California Healthcare Association
  • Colorado Health and Hospital Association
  • Connecticut Hospital Association
  • Delaware Healthcare Association
  • District of Columbia Hospital Association
  • Florida Hospital Association
  • Georgia Hospital Association
  • Healthcare Association of Hawaii – (in development)
  • Idaho Hospital Association
  • Illinois Hospital & Health Systems Association
  • Association of Iowa Hospitals & Health Systems
  • Kansas Hospital Association
  • An Association of Kentucky Hospitals and Health Systems
  • An Association of Maine Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations
  • The Association of Maryland Hospitals & Health Systems
  • Massachusetts Hospital Association
  • Michigan Health & Hospital Association
  • Minnesota Hospital and Healthcare Partnership
  • Mississippi Hospital Association
  • Missouri Hospital Association
  • MHA: An Association of Health Care Providers (Montana)
  • Nebraska Association of Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Nevada Association of Hospitals and Health Systems
  • New Hampshire Hospital Association
  • New Jersey Hospital Association
  • New Mexico Hospitals and Health Systems Association
  • Healthcare Association of New York State
  • NCHA: An Association of Hospitals and Health Networks (North Carolina)
  • North Dakota Healthcare Association
  • OHA: The Association for Hospitals and Health Systems (Ohio)
  • Oklahoma Hospital Association
  • Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina Health Alliance
  • South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations
  • THA: An Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (Tennessee)
  • The Association of Texas Hospitals and Health Care Organizations
  • Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Washington State Hospital Association
  • West Virginia Hospital Association
  • Wisconsin Health and Hospital Association

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The President of the United States
State insurance commissions

  • Alabama Department of Insurance
  • Alaska Division of Insurance
  • Arkansas Insurance Department
  • Calfiornia Department of Insurance
  • Colorado Division of Insurance
  • Connecticut Insurance Department
  • Delaware Department of Insurance
  • Florida Department of Insurance
  • Georgia Office of Commissioner of Insurance
  • Hawaii Department of Insurance
  • Louisiana Department of Insurance
  • Idaho Department of Insurance
  • Illinois Department of Insurance
  • Indiana Department of Insurance
  • Iowa Insurance Division
  • Kansas Department of Insurance
  • Kentucky Department Of Insurance
  • Maine Bureau of Insurance
  • Maryland Insurance Administration
  • Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation
  • Michigan Insurance Bureau
  • Minnesota Department of Commerce – Insurance Division
  • Mississippi Insurance Department
  • Missouri Department of Insurance
  • Montana Insurance Division
  • Nebraska Department of Insurance
  • Nevada Department of Business & Industry
  • New Hampshire Insurance Department
  • New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance
  • New York State Dept of Insurance
  • North Carolina Department of Insurance
  • North Dakota Department of Insurance
  • Ohio Department of Insurance
  • Oklahoma Insurance Department
  • Oregon Insurance Division
  • Pennsylvania Insurance Department
  • South Carolina Department of Insurance
  • South Dakota Division of Insurance
  • Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance
  • Texas Department of Insurance
  • Utah State Department of Insurance
  • Vermont Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities & Health Care
  • Virginia Bureau of Insurance
  • Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner
  • West Virginia Insurance Commission
  • Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
  • Wyoming Department of Insurance

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Medical conditions
Here are links you can use to research specific medical conditions, and the latest news on treatment and research.

  • Centers for Disease Control
  • Aetna
  • Alcoholism and addiction
  • American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
  • American Lung Association, with a Diseases A to Z section
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Arthritis
  • American Brain Tumor Association
  • National Brain Tumor Foundation, Cerebral Palsy
  • United Cerebral Palsy Associations
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • The National Mental Health Knowledge Exchange Network
  • Brain diseases and disorders
  • Cancer
  • American Cancer Society
  • Eye care and conditions
  • Heart disease
  • American Heart Association
  • Orthopedic (bone) conditions
  • Pediatric conditions
  • Reproductive health/women’s health

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Medical Boards/Associations, State and Federal

  • American Medical Association
  • Federation of State Medical Boards

These boards are responsible for licensing and disciplining physicians.

Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners
334-242-4116, Fax 334-242-4155

Alaska State Medical Board
907-269-8160, Fax 907-269-8156

Arizona Board of Medical Examiners
602-255-3751, Fax 602-255-1848

Arkansas State Medical Board
501-296-1802, Fax 501-296-1805

Medical Board of California
800-633-2322 916-263-2424, Fax 916-263-2387

Colorado Board of Medical Examiners
303-894-7690, Fax 303-894-7692

Connecticut Dept. of Public Health
860-509-7586, Fax 860-509-7553

Delaware Board of Medical Practice
302-739-4522, Fax 302-739-2711

District of Columbia Board of Medicine
202-727-5365, Fax 202-727-4087

Florida Board of Medicine
904-488-0595, Fax 904-922-3040

Georgia Composite State Board of Medical Examiners
404-656-3913, Fax 404-656-9723

Hawaii Board of Medical Examiners
808-586-2708, Fax 808-586-2689

Idaho State Board of Medicine
208-334-2844, Fax 208-334-2801

Illinois Dept. of Professional Regulation
(Discipline) 312-814-4500, Fax 312-814-1837
(Licensure) 217-785-0800, Fax 217-524-2169

Indiana Health Professions Bureau
317-232-2960, Fax 317-233-4236

Iowa State Board of Medical Examiners
515-281-5171, Fax 515-242-5908

Kansas Board of Healing Arts
913-296-7413, Fax 913-296-0852

Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure
502-429-8046, Fax 502-429-9923

Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners
504-524-6763, Fax 504-568-8893

Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine
207-287-3601, Fax Not Listed

Board of Physician Quality Assurance of Maryland
800-492-6836, Fax 410-764-2478

Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine
617-727-3086, Fax 617-451-9568

Michigan Board of Medicine
517-335-0918, Fax 517-373-2179

Minnesota Board of Medical Practice
612-617-2130, Fax 612-617-2166

Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure
601-354-6645, Fax 602-987-4159

Missouri State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts
573-751-0098, Fax 573-751-3166

Montana Board of Medical Examiners
406-444-4284 Fax 406-444-9396

Nebraska Dept. of Health
402-471-2118, Fax 402-471-3577

Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners
702-688-2559, Fax 702-688-2321

New Hampshire Board of Medicine
603-271-1203, Fax 603-271-6702

New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners
609-826-7100, Fax 609-984-3930

New Mexico State Board of Medical Examiners
505-827-5022, Fax 505-827-7377

New York State Board of Medicine
518-474-3841, Fax 518-473-0578

North Carolina Medical Board
919-828-1212, Fax 919-828-1295

North Dakota State Board of Medical Examiners
701-328-6500, Fax 701-328-6505

State Medical Board of Ohio
614-466-3934, Fax 614-728-5946

Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure & Supervision
405-848-6841, Fax 405-848-8240

Oregon Board of Medical Examiners
503-229-5770, Fax 503-229-6543

Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine
717-787-2381, Fax 717-787-7769

Rhode Island Board of Medical Licensure & Discipline
401-277-3855, Fax 401-277-2158

South Carolina Board of Medical Examiners
803-737-9300, Fax 803-737-9314

South Dakota State Board of Medical & Osteopathic Examiners
605-334-8343, Fax 605-336-0270

Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners
615-532-4384, Fax 615-532-5164

Texas State Board of Medical Examiners
800-201-9353/512-305-7010, Fax 512-305-7008

Utah Dept. of Commerce/Div. Of Occupational & Professional Licensure
801-530-6628, Fax 801-530-6511

Vermont Board of Medical Practice
802-828-2673, Fax 802-828-5450

Virginia Board of Medicine
804-662-7005, Fax 804-662-9943

Washington Medical Quality Assurance Commission
360-664-8480, Fax 360-586-4573

West Virginia Board of Medicine
304-558-2921, Fax 304-558-2084

Wisconsin Medical Examining Board
608-266-1188, Fax 608-267-0644

Wyoming Board of Medicine
307-778-7053, Fax 307-778-2069

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