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December 5, 2022

How Insurance Companies Protect Profits

In order to drive a vehicle on Michigan’s roads and highways, you must have auto insurance. You purchase an insurance policy to protect you and your family against both financial loss and bodily injury if you are involved in an accident. You may think that it’s a simple process when you’re in a car...
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What is Patient Safety?

Patient safety means the way in which hospitals, clinics, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare organizations and professionals protect their patients from errors, injuries, accidents, and infections. Statistics show that every year, one out of every 25 patients develops an infection that didn’t have to happen while in the hospital. A Medicare patient has a...
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November 21, 2022

The Michigan Model

In a typical medical malpractice lawsuit, a patient claims that they have been injured because of the actions or inactions of a medical professional. The patient who alleges negligent medical malpractice must prove four elements: (1) a duty of care was owed by the medical professional; (2) the medical professional violated the applicable standard...
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November 11, 2022

Can I Recover Lost Wages from a Car Accident in Michigan?

Insured Michigan drivers are protected under the state’s no-fault insurance statute. This law provides lost wages and other benefits when you’re injured in a car crash, no matter who is at fault. This means that your own auto insurance policy will cover some of your injury-related costs no matter if you were at fault...
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October 27, 2022

The Role of a Life Care Planner in a Birth Injury Case

Birth injuries are often caused by medical conditions that are left untreated or are the result of malpractice during the delivery. In some instances, the reasons for birth injuries are: • Improper prenatal care; • Failure to detect an ongoing infection during the pregnancy; • A side effect caused by an incorrectly prescribed or...
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