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February 21, 2020

Car Crashes in Michigan: Who Pays for My Injury?

Let’s look at a few numbers, and they’re not pretty. In 2018, there were 312,798 automobile crashes in Michigan, where over 55,000 involved injuries, and over 900 were fatal. This means that one of every 10,263 people in Michigan was killed in a traffic crash, and one of every 181 people was injured. Some...
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February 12, 2020

Radiologist Who Failed to Properly Examine CT Scan Pays Millions for Resulting Harms and Losses

How long does it take you to scan through 50 pictures on Facebook? Two minutes? What about nearly 700 pictures? Bet that would take a bit more time. But a Florida radiologist claimed he carefully looked through 691 radiology images in less than  seven minutes. Granted he wasn’t looking at old high school classmates...
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January 20, 2020

Anesthesia Error: 18-Year-Old Suffers Brain Injury Due to Anesthesia Error in Elective Procedure

During surgery, the brain requires a continual flow of oxygen-rich blood to ensure brain cells remain alive. After anesthesia is administered to a patient, it is the anesthesiologist’s responsibility to monitor his or her vital signs through the duration of the procedure. Not giving full attention to the status of a patient can result...
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