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Vehicle Crash

January 21, 2022

Child Safety in Vehicles in Michigan

A 2020 report showed Michigan child restraint use rates at 98.2% for children age 0-3, but just 54.5% for children age 4-7 in 2018. There were a total of 28 children (0-14 years old) killed in motor vehicle crashes. Plus, 3,180 children were injured in car accidents. And according to 2019 data provided by...
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December 27, 2021

Does Michigan See More Accidents During the Holidays?

Michigan, like many other states, has more people on the roads during the holiday season. That means more distracted drivers, more people driving impaired, and more out-of-state visitors unfamiliar with our roads and snowy weather conditions. All of this can result in more accidents. And statistics show that the rate of fatal car accidents...
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December 6, 2021

Snowmobile Accidents in Michigan

Michigan averages 64 inches of snow per year. In contrast, the US average is just 28 inches of snow per year. In Michigan, lots of snow means lots of outdoor fun. You may call it a “snow machine,” “sled,” “skimobile,” or Skidoo. But whatever you call it, snowmobiling is a great way to enjoy...
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November 5, 2021

Michigan Wrong-Way Crashes

Unfortunately, wrong-way crashes are common in Michigan. There are about 350 accidents every year in the U.S., and in Michigan, 56 wrong-way crashes were reported from 2010-2018. There were 86 deaths resulting from those crashes. That’s an average of roughly 10 deaths from wrong-way crashes per year in our state. That’s way too many!...
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October 27, 2021

Mistakes to Avoid After A Car Accident in Michigan

If you’re involved in an accident—even if you think it’s minor—it can be an extremely traumatic experience. Once you come to a stop and make sure you and your passengers aren’t in danger, there are a number of things you must do… and another list of six things you shouldn’t do. If you do...
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