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July 28, 2021

How Long Do I Have to File a Medical Malpractice Case in Michigan If I Just Discovered My Injury?

If you want to bring an action against a doctor, surgeon, or hospital in Michigan for medical malpractice, there’s a time limit. Michigan has a statute of limitations on medical negligence or medical malpractice cases. As a result, there’s only so much time after a medical malpractice injury in which an injured victim can...
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July 23, 2021

I Was Hit as a Pedestrian in a Crosswalk – Who Pays My Medical Bills and am I Able to Sue the At-Fault Driver Who Hit Me?

Pedestrians in Michigan struck by a motor vehicle are killed or seriously injured more than 80% of the time. In our state, more than 100 pedestrians die each year from being hit by a vehicle. If you or a loved one are injured by a motor vehicle when crossing a crosswalk, there are some...
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July 16, 2021

What is a Notice of Intent in Michigan Malpractice Law?

If you have suffered serious injuries that you believe are the result of the negligence of a doctor, physician, hospital, or other healthcare provider in Michigan, you are required to comply with a number of specific procedural requirements at the start of a medical malpractice case. The first is the prerequisite that a plaintiff...
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July 1, 2021

Can a Radiology Tech be Held Liable for Medical Malpractice?

In March 2018, an 88-year-old patient was admitted to a hospital for "increased episodes of confusion and weakness." Her family told the triage nurse and attending ER physician that she was a "fall risk" and that she "needed her cane for everything, . . . anytime that she was up she needed the cane...
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June 28, 2021

Should I Have an Autopsy Performed If I Believe an Error was Made by a Healthcare Provider that Resulted in Death?

Yes, an autopsy should be performed where there’s any question about a possible mistake by a doctor or hospital that may have contributed to your loved one’s death. What is an Autopsy? An autopsy, also called a postmortem medical examination, is performed to help determine the cause and manner of death. An autopsy frequently...
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