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Amazon Driver Accidents

December 27, 2023

With everyone shopping online more and more, there are a lot more delivery drivers on Michigan roads. According to the most recent figures, it’s estimated that roughly 60 million packages are distributed each day in the U.S., and that high volume forces package delivery companies like Amazon to push their workers to the brink, especially during the holidays. As a result of this crazy pace, Amazon delivery drivers are susceptible to accidents.

Why Are There So Many Injuries Among Amazon’s Parcel Carriers?

In 2018, Amazon established its delivery service partner program, and with it, the company has relied on a network of third-party delivery companies to pick up packages from its warehouses and deliver them to customers’ homes. Since that time, Amazon has partnered with more than 2,000 distribution service partners (DSPs) across that country. And with its recent Amazon Flex program, anyone can deliver packages via an app similar to Uber. This also means that the number of carriers has grown considerably.

It’s believed that there are approximately more than 115,000 third-party Amazon delivery drivers who are independent contractors, rather than company employees. These individuals are paid by delivering as many packages as possible. Amazon puts extreme pressure on both its external distribution companies and delivery drivers – including Amazon Flex drivers – to get the packages delivered on time. One complaint from a distribution partner claimed that Amazon expected carriers to make about 350 to 400 deliveries a day—that’s the equivalent to one package delivery every one to two minutes!

Because of this, little care is given for safety measures, and these Flex drivers may use old and unsafe vehicles to meet delivery deadlines and to earn incentives. This can mean drivers operating with stress, physical exhaustion, and mental fatigue, which can lead to distractions and accidents.

There are thousands of vehicles in the Amazon fleet that are on Michigan roads making deliveries every day. These vehicles come in a variety of options, including Amazon delivery sprinter vans, Amazon Prime semi-trucks, and Amazon Flex cars—these are delivery drivers using their personal vehicle or renting a vehicle. No matter what type of vehicle, victims of a car or truck accident that involves an Amazon vehicle can bring a claim against the company to receive the compensation they deserve for a full recovery. Amazon delivery driver accidents frequently occur because the driver:

  • Is in a hurry to meet a delivery deadline;
  • Is distracted and is using a mobile app, such as Amazon GPS;
  • Is driving carelessly or recklessly.
  • Is driving with little or no experience operating a delivery vehicle like a sprinter van.

Do Amazon Drivers Have Insurance?

Amazon accidents are covered by a commercial insurance policy if the driver was on duty at the time of the crash, despite the fact that the contracted employee was driving his or her personal vehicle or a vehicle that they rented from another shipping company. The insurance coverage available to a victim of an automobile accident in Michigan is based on whether they were hit by an Amazon Flex car or Amazon Prime delivery truck or van.

Insurance could cover damages from the accident, such as reduced wage earnings and pain and suffering. Amazon ensures its Flex drivers for liability, comprehensive and collision, and uninsured or underinsured drivers. If an Amazon Flex drivers is involved in an accident, the driver and Amazon may be held liable. If an Amazon Prime semi-truck or delivery van driver is involved, the van or truck driver, Amazon, and the third-party shipping company all may be held responsible for damages.

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Research shows that Amazon delivery drivers are to blame for many traffic accidents. A 2019 investigation showed that since 2015, Amazon had been involved in 60 car accidents that caused 13 fatalities. Reports in recent years say that delivery driver accidents can be prevented. If drivers aren’t pressured into complying with strict delivery schedules may help reduce motor vehicle incidents.

With Amazon traffic crashes increasing, there is a good chance that you or a family member will be involved in an auto accident. You need a reliable Grand Rapids car accident attorney to get you the compensation you deserve.

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