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“Leg Saver” Vascular Doctor, Dr. Jihad Mustapha, Closes Michigan Offices

May 9, 2024

The clinics of Dr. Jihad Mustapha, who called himself the “leg saver,” will reportedly cease operations in the state. The doctor’s Michigan vascular clinics, where he performed thousands of lucrative procedures that have come under scrutiny for being unnecessary and potentially dangerous, will close.

A number of his patients said that Mustapha has done more harm than good in his work by excessively performing procedures. A 2023 New York Times investigation found that his procedures sometimes resulted in amputations. Mustapha was featured in a New York Times investigation last year about the increased use of the procedures. These procedures have injured patients while making doctors and the device companies that sell the products they use extremely wealthy.

Recently, his patients received a letter from the staff of the clinic, Advanced Cardiac & Vascular Centers, telling them that the business was closing and suggesting they find new doctors. The letter, which didn’t say why the offices were closing, said that Mustapha had already started practicing in Ocala, Florida.

His partner and nephew, Dr. Fadi Saab, will be relocating to a cardiology practice in Dearborn, the letter said.

Mustapha had clinics in Grand Rapids and Lansing.

Doctor Performed Thousands of Procedures to Treat Peripheral Artery Disease

This industry targets the approximately 12 million Americans with peripheral artery disease. PAD occurs when plaque—a sticky slurry of fat, calcium, and other materials—accumulates in the arteries of the legs. For a few patients, the plaque can choke off blood flow, leading to amputations or death.

Dr. Mustapha is a notable name in a flourishing industry in which he has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by device manufacturers to conduct clinical trials, train other medical professionals, and promote the companies’ products.

The occurrence of one of these procedures called the atherectomy has more than doubled in the past decade. Mustapha and his partner billed Medicare for more than 2,600 atherectomies between 2018 and 2021, according to The New York Times probe. Those procedures garnered their clinics roughly $18 million from Medicare alone.

Michigan Authorities Review Mustapha’s Practice

Michigan health authorities discovered that Mustapha performed dozens of unnecessary procedures on patients, including some whose legs were eventually amputated. In addition, insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan reported that 45 people had lost limbs after treatment at his clinics over four years.

In response to the newspaper’s investigation last year, the two doctors defended their treatment of seriously ill patients who they said formed the majority of their practice. Dr. Mustapha declared that most of his patients have “exceptional outcomes.”

After The New York Times published its article, Dr. Mustapha sued one of the vascular surgeons who reported his practices to the state’s licensing board. In the defamation lawsuit, he claimed that he lost his malpractice insurance coverage and “certain medical privileges” at two Michigan hospital systems. His lawsuit, which is still pending, also said he “struggled to maintain relationships” with insurance companies.

The Michigan Attorney General’s Office brought an action against the doctor, and an expert was hired to review patient cases. The expert found that his practice was “characterized by over-treatment and poor documentation.”

Mustapha agreed to pay $25,000 and take medical education courses.

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