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Out-of-State Residents in Michigan Car Accidents

March 2, 2023

Michigan roads are full of motorists moving to and fro. Michigan has over 7.2 million licensed drivers, and there were 117.3 million visitors to our state in 2021. And while not all of these visitors arrived by car, many drove or rented a vehicle in the state. Plus, there are millions of people who drive through Michigan on the interstates as the make their way to another destination.

You may wonder how the law works for out-of-state college students at Grand Valley State, Calvin College, or any of our institutions of higher learning. Or what happens when an Ohio or Indiana resident is involved in an auto accident in Michigan. It’s also good to know what happens when a Michigan resident has an accident in another state.

Out-of-State College Students

If a college student has access to a car in Michigan for more than 30 days in a calendar year, he or she must obtain a Michigan no-fault policy issued by an insurance provider licensed to operate in the state. College students attending school in Michigan can’t just maintain their auto insurance policy from their home state for protection. Plus, it’s a misdemeanor.

If the college student drives their vehicle for more than 30 days in Michigan without a no-fault insurance policy, the student may not be able to receive any benefits if they’re involved in a motor vehicle accident. Plus, if the student holds the title of the vehicle and isn’t insured under a Michigan no-fault insurance policy, he or she may be deemed to be an uninsured driver. As such, the student may be unable to bring suit against a negligent driver who causes an accident and their injuries.

Out-of-state Drivers in Michigan

When an out-of-state resident is injured in a Michigan car accident, they’re usually bound by the laws of this state. Note that under Michigan law, an out-of-state resident, may only receive Michigan no-fault benefits if “[t]he person was not a resident of this state, unless the person owned a motor vehicle that was registered and insured in this state.”

Michigan Residents Injured In Another State

If a Michigan resident is injured in an auto accident out-of-state, he or she may be able to make a claim for no-fault benefits within the state. The injured motorist must have their own auto insurance policy or reside with a family member who carries eligible coverage. And as in any crash situation, a Michigan resident who’s injured in an out-of-state crash may also be able to sue for compensation against an at-fault driver through a civil claim.

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Michigan traffic crashes increased 15% from 245,432 in 2020 to 282,640 in 2021. With these types of numbers, there’s a good chance that you or a family member will be involved in an auto accident. And the other driver may be from New York, Wisconsin, or another state. Injured victims may be entitled to compensation for serious injuries. You need a reliable Grand Rapids car accident attorney that understands the Michigan no-fault insurance laws and has handled cases with out-of-state drivers. We can get you what you the compensation deserve.

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