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What is a Paralegal and How Do They Assist with Your Personal Injury Case?

Indispensable: Someone who’s so important that you couldn’t manage without him, or her.

A restaurant needs a maître d. A Broadway show needs a stage manager. And law firms need paralegals.

A paralegal is a legal professional who collaborates with attorneys at a law firm to perform legal research, document drafting, and a host of other tasks. They’re the engine that keep law firms running.

What is a Paralegal?

Paralegals usually have training in paralegal studies. Paralegals aren’t licensed to practice law, so they don’t give legal advice or appear in court. They also aren’t allowed to sign pleadings or take depositions. However, they play an indispensable role in the legal profession by providing essential assistance and support to attorneys. They make certain that cases are managed efficiently and effectively. Paralegal work requires strong research and organizational skills, diligence, and an solid understanding of legal procedures.

While the attorney may get the headlines after a big win, it’s the paralegal who really gets their hands dirty!

How Do They Assist with My Case?

The main duties of a paralegal include a variety of tasks, all of which help your case to the best possible outcome :

  • Legal Research. Paralegals spend time researching cases, statutes, rules, and regulations to determine how to position the arguments in your case;
  • Report Writing. A paralegal drafts reports for your case, such as a breakdown of witnesses or a summary of evidence;
  • Document Collection. They collect documents and information from clients, expert witnesses and other sources on behalf of the attorney to use as evidence in your case;
  • Pleadings and Motion Drafting. A paralegal will create motions, briefs, and pleadings for your court case for the attorney’s review, and they will file it with the court;
  • Trial Assistance. A paralegal will assist the attorney in court at trial by compiling, maintaining, and sharing legal documents and reports. They will also respond to issues that arise at trial;
  • Document Preparation. As the attorney starts a case, the paralegal prepares supporting documents that the attorney may use for reference or file with the court;
  • Client Interviews. A paralegal interviews the client (you), as well as any witnesses who participate in your case;
  • Fact Checking. They will fact-check documents, statements, and legal filings to be sure they are accurate;
  • Case Coordination. Paralegals coordinate entire cases for attorneys, including the timelines and deadlines for filings, discovery, and depositions; and
  • Client Communication. This is one of the paralegal’s most important jobs— communicating with you throughout the legal process. Paralegals will set up meetings, make you aware of events concerning your case, update you on rulings, and tell you what to expect next in the process.

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A experienced law firm that focuses on personal injury law can make certain that you get just  compensation for your injuries. This team includes experienced paralegals, who are essential to a successful outcome in your case.

The earlier in your case, you hire an experienced law firm like Buchanan Law, the more they can do for you and your loved ones. This lets you concentrate on your recovery, as your personal injury paralegal at the law firm is coordinating the entire legal process.

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