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Vehicle Crash

March 2, 2023

Out-of-State Residents in Michigan Car Accidents

Michigan roads are full of motorists moving to and fro. Michigan has over 7.2 million licensed drivers, and there were 117.3 million visitors to our state in 2021. And while not all of these visitors arrived by car, many drove or rented a vehicle in the state. Plus, there are millions of people who...
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February 9, 2023

Michigan Traffic Crash Facts

If you’re wondering about how dangerous the roads and highways are in Michigan, you can look no further than the State Police Traffic Crash Reporting Unit (TCRU). This group is responsible for “the complete, accurate, and timely collection, processing, and compilations of statewide traffic crash data.” The TCRU keeps a database that’s the central...
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January 6, 2023

Preparing Your Care For Winter (Blizzards) in Michigan

Winter is here! With snow sure to be in the upcoming forecast around Grand Rapids, you need to be certain that your vehicles are prepared for the cold. If you’ve been in our state for any time, you know that we can experience freezing rain and snow with frigid temperatures from October all the...
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December 21, 2022

Michigan Auto Accidents and the Toward Zero Deaths Campaign

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the Michigan State Police have continued their Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) statewide-safety campaign this year. This campaign is based on the national strategy on highway safety aimed at affecting driver behavior and improving safety. With more than 42,900 fatalities occurring on U.S. highways each year, road safety...
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December 5, 2022

How Insurance Companies Protect Profits

In order to drive a vehicle on Michigan’s roads and highways, you must have auto insurance. You purchase an insurance policy to protect you and your family against both financial loss and bodily injury if you are involved in an accident. You may think that it’s a simple process when you’re in a car...
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