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Holiday Card 2021

Download color pdf of this artwork here: Buchanan artwork 2021.

Decoder for 2021 Year-in-Revue Holiday Card

  1. Groundhog Day. Decades ago, Yankees’ coach Yogi Berra famously said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” In 2021 it seems we’re stuck in a continuous time loop, living the same day over and over and over again. So, this year we tip our hat to Groundhog Day, the 1993 comedy movie about a cynical television weather reporter who gets trapped in a time loop, forcing him to relive the same day repeatedly. After going through periods of dismay and bitterness, revolt and despair, self-destruction and recklessness, Phil Connors does something alien to his nature. He learns how to be a better person. It is a tale about second chances, hope for breaking a terrible cycle, and the promise that self-improvement can solve anything. In our version of the story:

    • Ace Investigative Team.We find Buchanan Firm’s ace investigative team on the scene of an important event, digging for immediate answers to your questions.
    • Phil Connors (attorney Rob Buchanan) anchors this crackerjack crew. Through grit and magnetic questioning, he seeks and unfailingly finds the truth for loyal supporters. The ring of broken stitching on his lapel are remnants of his 2021 service as the 86th President of the State Bar of Michigan, leading 46,500 attorneys.
    • Larrie the Camera Operator (paralegal Leslie Caliguri) is the good sport who, as director, cinematographer, and editing crew behind the scenes, holds the power to make or break the headliner. She indulges the egos of the talent and always gets the job done on time.
    • Rita Hanson (legal intake specialist Caiti Hill) is the friendly, patient, and resourceful producer who is always kind to strangers and delivers prompt answers.
    • Merrymakers. On the platform, master of ceremonies Buster Green (attorney Jack Buchanan of Primerus Law Firms) shares the furry forecast that a University of Wisconsin Law badger (Hon. Jane Beckering— a former Buchanan and former law partner in the firm ) will become a federal judge for Michigan. Innkeeper Mrs. Lancaster (office manager Janna VandeGriend) beams with delight. Standing in the front row of the crowd, we see a Michigan fan (Nick Kacherof Primerus) unaware of the game score.
  2. New Digs. Buchanan Firm has moved to cool new modern offices in Ada, the most vibrant Grand Rapids community. Our team has the penthouse suite, with an outdoor patio for relaxation and easy-access and free parking for visitors.
  3. Planetary Protection Officers. On January 20, our nation swore in two new Planetary Protection Officers, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Like Agent J and Agent K of Men in Black (1997), Biden and Harris will support and defend the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, including alien microbes spreading on earth.
  4. 13 Years a Slave. This year our nation embraced two new holidays celebrating freedom from slavery in the United States, Juneteenth and #FreeBritney. Juneteenth is now a federal holiday on June 19, commemorating President Lincoln’s emancipation of Black slaves in 1863. In addition, after thirteen years, pop singer Britney Spears finally broke the chains of an oppressive conservatorship by her father.
  5. Unicorns in Space. Billionaires, like unicorns, are rarely seen, mostly white males, wild creatures, and don’t pay taxes. While dime-a-dozen millionaires on the weekends race sports cars around a track or skipper sailboats around fluorescent buoys, the super-rich have private space programs. This summer Bezos, Branson, and Musk rocketed “normal tourists” like 90-year-old William Shatner to the edge of space.
  6. Old Dog, New Tricks. After winding-up the quest for missing 23-year-old everglades hiker Brian Laundrie, Dog the Bounty Hunter arrives for his next mission of helping to throw some serious shade.
  7. Bernie, It’s Cold Outside. Bundling up in a winter parka, knitted mittens, and blue surgical mask for another bitter-cold spellbinder like the inauguration is the grumpy chic Senator from Vermont.
  8. Spilling Tea. The Old Man, who is Phil Connors’ dining companion, enjoys the revelry from his press box seat. And, once again, we see the hard luck of Harry and Meghan dominating the headlines after they sat down with Oprah to explain they came to America to get away from racism. That’s unbelievable, it’s like heading to a Formula One race to catch up on sleep.
  9. Whacking the Beehive. In barely a year, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo went from a pandemic hero, watched daily by millions, to a political pariah, forced to step down after dozens of women came forward to accuse him of inappropriate behavior. With a track record like his, the only future is president or Supreme Court justice.
  10. Pigs Get Fat, Hogs Get Slaughtered. This year amateur investors coordinating through a discussion board on Reddit deliberately surged the price of GameStop stock by over 1,700% to wipe out large investments by arrogant Wall Street firms. Hedge funds had attempted to short sell the stock, betting the dying video retailer would be bankrupt soon. Robin Hood’s merry men, however, beat the millionaire and billionaire traders at their own game.
  11. Q & Juan Capitol Tours. On January 6, hundreds of “normal tourists” flooded into designated and improvised entrances of the US Capitol for self-guided tours. The unexpected demand for US civics education swamped building staff and interrupted a joint session of Congress. Because of the swelling demand, two shrewd entrepreneurs started upQ & Juan Tours. Here, we see the dynamic duo, Q’Anon Shaman and a sunburnt Senator Ted Cruz, under a Banana Republic offering tours.
  12. No U-Turns. In March, a massive cargo ship, the Evergreen, spun around and got stuck sideways in the Suez Canal, blocking hundreds of ships for a week. It should have been no surprise. After a year of quarantine, we all know that nothing fits anymore, which is why we are wearing pants that look like denim, but give.
  13. Loco-motive Line-ups. The long processions of pickups rigged with flagpoles in the truck bed have subsided from public roadways. However, occasionally, you catch a glimpse of a big banner barreling by.
  14. Tiger Woods’ Drive Ends Up in the Deep Rough. In February, Tiger Woods was driving an SUV over 90 mph downhill when he lost control and crashed, suffering a serious leg injury.
  15. Advancing to the Rear. In August, US Armed Forces completed the withdrawal of the last 650 soldiers in Afghanistan under a February 2020 agreement with the Taliban, marking the end of the 20-year war. Stunningly, the Tali-buddies rapidly advanced, seizing complete control of the country in only a few days and disrupting a panicked evacuation of Americans and Afghan allies. Here, we see exuberant sales agent Ned Ryerson consciously decoupling a monument of GI Joe.
  16. Olympic Fever. Many had Olympic-2020/21 fever over the summer. The other half of the country denied it even exists.
  17. I Got You Babe!17 years after calling off the engagement, Bennifer is back. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are dating again. If there is even a murmur of them making another movie together, we will riot.
  18. Horse Juice. In May, Kentucky Derby officials disqualified the horse that won, Medina Spirit, after testing positive for steroids in post-race analysis. Hearing the news, the horse turned to his trainer and retorted:
    “Hey, you said the needle was the third Pfizer booster vaccine!”