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Michigan Car Accident Attorney

Even though planes crash, ships sink, and trains wreck, we usually say that cars have accidents. But in most cases, these incidents are not accidental. In almost all cases, car crash victims must deal with serious losses. If you need justice and compensation after a car collision, contact our Michigan car accident lawyers, and we’ll work hard to obtain it.

The big auto insurance companies do not intimidate the aggressive car crash lawyers at Buchanan Firm. Instead, we relentlessly fight for your legal and financial rights. Because of our vast expertise and solid reputation, we are often able to craft favorable pretrial settlements. So, most of our clients do not need to go to court to get positive results.

Car Collision Injuries in Michigan

Today’s cars and trucks are much safer than the ones which rolled off the assembly line in the 20th century. But even the most advanced safety systems only provide so much protection. As a result, the number of deaths and serious injuries is largely unchanged. Some of these serious wounds include:

  • Head Injuries: Vehicle collisions cause traumatic brain injuries when victims’ heads slam against solid objects. Even more commonly, wrecks cause motion-related head injuries.
  • Internal Injuries: The same forces that cause the brain to slam against the skull cause internal organs to grind and bump against each other. When that happens, they bleed profusely. First responders usually cannot stop internal bleeding, so many victims lapse into hypovolemic shock.
  • Broken Bones: While normally not life-threatening, car crash broken bones are among the most serious kinds of injuries in these cases. Doctors typically must use metal screws or pins to set the broken bones. As a result, even after many months of physical therapy, many victims suffer permanent loss of mobility.

Because of these serious injuries, and others like them, the medical bills in a vehicle collision usually exceed $100,000. In most severe cases, such as spine injuries and serious burns, the medical bills could be ten times that amount or even higher.

At Buchanan Firm, our personal injury lawyers arrange for clients to receive medical treatment from top doctors without paying anything upfront. We make similar arrangements with other car crash vendors, like rental car companies and auto body shops.

Possible Insurance Company Defenses in Grand Rapids

Substantial compensation is available for all these losses, but insurance companies do not simply give away this money. In fact, they usually fight tooth and nail to reduce or deny compensation to victims.

The contributory negligence defense is one of the most common legal loopholes. This rule shifts blame for the accident from the tortfeasor (negligent driver) to the victim. If both parties were at fault, Michigan jurors must apportion liability on a percentage basis.

Michigan is a modified comparative fault state with a 51 percent threshold. So, even if the victim was 49 percent responsible for the collision, the victim still receives a proportional share of damages. This rule applies in other situations as well, such as boat accidents.

Other defenses in car crash claims include sudden emergency and its legal cousin, the last clear chance doctrine. Both of these loopholes sometimes come up in head-on and rear-end crash claims.

An experienced car collision attorney in Michigan collects evidence and builds a case with these defenses in mind, so they do not derail your claim for fair compensation.

Contact a Michigan Car Accident Lawyer

Car crash victims may be entitled to compensation for their serious injuries. For a free consultation with an experienced auto accident attorney in Michigan, contact Buchanan Firm. Our firm proudly serves Grand Rapids and various other cities in Michigan. After-hours visits are available.