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Michigan Radiology Error Attorney

In many busy doctor’s offices and hospitals, attention to detail is a lost art. Rather than diligently looking at diagnostic test results, many physicians just “go with their gut” in diagnosis and treatment matters. If these kinds of medical mistakes have touched your family, contact our radiology error attorneys in Michigan today to learn about your legal options.

At Buchanan Firm, our Michigan radiology error lawyers take the opposite approach. Everything we do rests on attention to detail. The small facts in a medical negligence case are like the bricks in a wall. The more bricks there are, the taller and stronger the wall becomes. Cities are built one brick at a time, and so are medical malpractice claims.

Types of Radiology Errors

X-rays, MRIs, catscans, and most other diagnostic and treatment tools are basically radiation imaging tools. Instead of light waves, these devices use radiation waves to take pictures of internal organs or body structures. Even advanced equipment often produces images that are difficult to see, and even more difficult to interpret.

Many doctors do not look closely at the results. Instead, they focus on visual clues which support their hunches, and disregard everything else. Other doctors delegate these tasks to nurses or technicians. These individuals are highly skilled in many areas, but they are not qualified to perform these kinds of diagnostic duties. Or, important details get lost in translation from the person who saw the test results to the doctors themselves.

This general environment of medical neglect often leads to specific issues in radiological test results, such as:

  • Missed Tumors: In the early stages of cancer, tumors may be smaller than 0.1 centimeters. SInce cancer is also most treatable at this stage, misdiagnosis could allow the tumor to grow and the cancer to metastasize.
  • Perforated Bowels: If the doctor does not see a small amount of “free air” adjacent to a bowel on an abdominal X-ray, this serious condition may go undiagnosed and untreated.
  • Missed Bone Fractures: When people break their bones, they often break then in multiple places. Sometimes, chips and fissures are difficult to spot, especially if a larger break grabs the doctor’s attention. As a result, the patient could experience permanent impairment or loss of motion.
  • Overlooked Blood Clots: When people suffer head injuries in car crashes and other such incidents, doctors should perform MRIs and look for tiny blood clots. If they do not spot these tiny clots, they could quickly become life-threatening.

Damages in a medical negligence case usually include compensation for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering. Additionally, jurors often award punitive damages as well, if there is clear and convincing evidence of reckless misconduct.

Overcoming Obstacles to Fair Compensation

In Michigan, medical malpractice claims face many legal hurdles, such as the statute of limitation. Generally, victims only have two years to file legal claims. In many cases, the statute of limitations has expired by the time medical negligence victims discover the cause of their discomfort.

The delayed discovery rule usually applies in these situations. In most cases, the statute of limitations clock does not start running until the victim:

  • Understands the full extent of his/her injury
  • Connects that injury to the defendant’s negligence

At Buchanan Firm, our on-staff medical professionals help our Michigan radiology error lawyers collect the evidence they need to prove injury. These professionals also give us a leg up when it comes to establishing the standard of care.

Count on an Experienced Radiology Malpractice Lawyer

Medical malpractice often causes permanent injuries. For a free consultation with an experienced Michigan medical malpractice lawyer, contact Buchanan Firm. We do not charge upfront legal fees in medical negligence cases. Call us today.