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Michigan Radiology Error Attorney

The majority of radiology errors occur when a radiologist fails to properly diagnose a case when using an X-ray, MRI, CT-scan, or another form of equipment. The radiologist may miss an important sign, which could have identified the disease and helped the patient take preventive action much earlier. If you are dealing with the consequences of a radiology error in Michigan, the Buchanan Firm can help. The aftermath of radiology errors can be devastating and difficult to face, but you are not alone. Our Michigan med mal attorneys bring expertise in both the law and the medicine involved in radiology error claims and can help you recover a fair settlement and the justice you deserve. Call today for a free and confidential case evaluation.

Types of Radiology Errors

The most recurring type of radiology error is called perception error: when a radiologist is not able to see what is present. Often, these errors are caused by a lack of experience or practice. Other types of radiology errors include knowledge errors, communication errors, and medication errors. Communication errors occur when a radiologist does not make the diagnosis clear to the patient, leading to a lack of necessary steps or treatment.

Errors can also occur from distraction, fatigue, cognitive biases or failure of attention. Radiologists can miss a sign, simply because he or she was not focusing attention in the right area. Or, a radiologist may interpret what he or she sees inaccurately from a lack of knowledge or a preconceived notion.

Some examples of what is usually missed (but are not limited to):

  • Internal Bleeding
  • Aneurisms
  • Cancer in the liver, pancreas, lungs, or other areas at the earlier stages
  • Ulcers
  • Benign to Metastasized tumors
  • non-spinal fractures
  • Vascular disease

The most common errors in diagnosis happen when a radiologist fails to diagnose breast cancer, lung cancer, non-spinal and spinal fractures, and vascular diseases, all of which lead to severe, sometimes life-threatening complications and worsened pain for the patient. In most radiology error or medical negligence cases, compensation includes economic losses, such as medical bills as well as other losses, such as pain and suffering damages. Furthermore, some radiology errors may result in a misdiagnosis, which our misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis lawyers in Michigan  can also help with.

Overcoming Obstacles to Fair Compensation

In Michigan, medical malpractice claims face many legal hurdles, such as the statute of limitation. Generally, victims only have two years to file legal claims. In many cases, the statute of limitations has expired by the time medical negligence victims discover the cause of their discomfort.

The delayed discovery rule usually applies in these situations. In most cases, the statute of limitations clock does not start running until the victim:

  • Understands the full extent of his/her injury
  • Connects that injury to the defendant’s negligence

At Buchanan Firm, our on-staff medical professionals help our injury lawyers in Grand Rapids collect the evidence they need to prove injuries. These professionals also help us in establishing the proper standard of care.

Count on an Experienced Radiology Error Lawyer

Radiology errors often result in injuries that are permanent and difficult to process. If you are a victim of a radiology error, it was not your fault, and what you are facing is not fair or just. We are here to hold the responsible party accountable, and to help you fight for full reimbursement. For a free consultation with an experienced Michigan medical malpractice lawyer, contact Buchanan Firm at (800) 272-4080.