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Michigan Medication Error Lawyer

When medical providers make errors when prescribing or administering medication, the consequences are often severe, long-lasting and costly for patients.  In fact, every year, medication errors cause 7,000 to 9,000 deaths in the United States. If you or a loved one are suffering from the aftermath of a medication error in a medical setting, the Buchanan Firm can help. Our team of Michigan medication error attorneys understands these types of cases and holds the professionals responsible for their wrongdoings. With our expertise and resources, we will make sure you receive the reimbursement you deserve, so you can recover fully.

How do Errors Occur?

Generally, medication errors occur when a medical professional is negligent or careless, in a rush, forgetful, unmotivated, or perhaps intending to harm someone out of vengeance. They can occur in a pharmacy, nursing home, hospital, or any other healthcare setting, and are most common during the prescribing stage. Medication errors can include monitoring errors, prescription errors, compliance errors, and administration errors.

Some examples of medication errors:

  • Prescribing the incorrect dose, including an overdose
  • Prescribing an unauthorized drug
  • Prescribing the wrong dose to the wrong patient
  • Prescribing the dose at the wrong time in the patient’s recovery
  • Incorrect omission of dose
  • Failure to take into consideration the patient’s preexisting illnesses or conditions
  • Failure to follow proper protocol when prescribing medications

Medication Errors in Michigan Hospitals:

While every prescription should be approached with care and caution, about 75 percent of medication errors are caused by medical professions who are distracted and dedicating limited and incomplete attention to the prescription stage. Nurses and doctors in hospitals, who are especially overwhelmed by their day-to-day tasks, can fail to note the correct dosage, or make an error in measurement. They may even overlook a high-risk medication and prescribe a higher dose than is safe for the patient, leading to a patient overdosing. A healthcare professional could also accidentally mix up the patient’s medication, prescribing one patient’s dose to a different patient in the hospital. When prescribing medication, there are several factors to consider, including the patient’s age, prior illness, and present condition, but when a medical professional is in a hurry, he or she may make an error in judgment.

Doctors and pharmacists are held to a higher standard for a reason: The medication errors they make can leave patients with lifelong damage and a lack of trust in the healthcare system. Holding the responsible party is not only important, but necessary, for a patient’s full recovery and healing process.

Count on a Dedicated Medication Error Lawyer

Medical errors often cause serious injuries, and recovery can be challenging and costly. If you are injured as a result of a medication error, know that you have our support on your side. We take your case seriously, and will fight for what you deserve. At Buchanan Firm, our professional legal team includes on-staff physicians who provide a thorough evaluation of the case. For a free consultation with an experienced medication error attorney in Michigan, call the Buchanan Firm at (800) 272 – 4080.