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Michigan Medication Error Lawyer

Recently, unintentional poisonings overtook vehicle collisions and became the leading cause of injury-related death in the United States. Most of these incidents involve prescription drug overdoses. The doctors who prescribe these pills, along with the manufacturers and distributors who provide them, are just as responsible for these tragic injuries as the individual who took the medicine. Our team of Michigan medication error attorneys firm holds these professionals responsible for their misdeeds.

At Buchanan Firm, we realize that choosing a law firm to protect your rights is a very important decision. So, our Michigan medication error attorneys take the matter as seriously as you do. We have a proven track record of success in these claims, so we get results. Our excellent reputation helps us negotiate a favorable pretrial settlement. Furthermore, our vast experience helps us advocate for you effectively at trial.

Prescription Errors in Michigan

Generally, when physicians prescribe medicine, they should use the most conservative medicine possible that is consistent with the patient’s needs and medical history. In most cases, these principles constitute the standard of care among Michigan physicians.

Unfortunately, many Michigan physicians overlook these important points, or disregard them altogether.

Sometimes, the doctor gives in to the patient’s demands for strong painkillers or other medicines. For example, they may prescribe Fentanyl, which is fifty times more powerful than heroin, for a broken leg. A much weaker medicine, perhaps even Motrin or another analgesic pain reliever, would be more appropriate. Since the opioid high far exceeds the patient’s pain level, the patient quickly gets addicted.

At Buchanan Firm, our professional legal team includes on-staff physicians. So, our Michigan medication error attorneys can quickly evaluate claims like these.

Other times, prescribe medicine for off-label use. Such prescriptions are technically legal in the United States, but they are quite dangerous. For example, some doctors give Quetiapine (Seroquel), which is a powerful anti-psychotic drug with numerous serious side effects, to people with insomnia.

Drug manufacturers sometimes have a role in off-label use. To boost sales, they sponsor lavish clinics in exotic locations which encourage doctors to use medicine experimentally.

On a similar note, some physicians liberally allow substitutions. They approve generic alternatives, even though the generics have not been thoroughly tested. As a result, the patient may be taking medication regularly and receiving no benefit. Worse yet, the cheap substitute could aggravate a pre-existing condition.

Incorrect Dosage Claims in Michigan

Sometimes, incorrect dosage claims overlap with wrongful prescription matters. Prescribing twenty or thirty Fentanyl patches for a sprained elbow is clearly an excessive dosage, but such episodes are rather common in Michigan.

Other times, these two types of claims are independent from one another. Dosage mistakes at nursing homes are a good illustration. Most residents at these facilities are on multiple medications for multiple conditions. Errors like giving the wrong pill to the wrong person, or transposing two digits or moving a decimal point, are common. Since many nursing home residents have pre-existing conditions, such errors often cause serious injuries.

Compounding this situation, many nursing homes are dangerously understaffed. As a result, underqualified workers may perform important tasks. A licensed vocational nurse or even a patient care technician may distribute medication instead of a registered nurse.

Busy pharmacists often make dosage errors as well. It is easy to misread a prescription and affix the wrong dosage or the wrong number of refills.
Pharmacists and doctors are held to a higher standard in Michigan. Since patients are entirely dependent on these professionals for their healthcare needs, doctors and pharmacists usually have a fiduciary duty. They must set aside all self-interest, including making money, and only do what is best for the patient.

Count on a Dedicated Medication Error Lawyer

Simple prescription errors often cause serious injuries. For a free consultation with an experienced medication error attorney in Michigan, contact Buchanan Firm. We routinely handle matters in Kent County and nearby jurisdictions.